October 11-13, 2013
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Presented by
Potters Council

Hosted by Edina Art Center

We have five highly talented presenters who will provide instruction on alternative firing surfaces, firing processes and different types of kilns. We will be doing three hands on firing session: raku, aluminum foil saggar and a pit firing. Attendees will learn skills to create their own approach to surfaces and how they relate to different alternative firings. Presenters will show you how to play with fire and have you ready to experiment in your home studio.
Whether you throw or handbuild this conference has something for you to take back to your studio. This conference is open to artists at all levels: from enthusiastic amateur, to the teacher, and for the professional. No matter what level you are, if you’re open to learning and connecting with other ceramic artists then this is the conference for YOU!

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Featured Presenters:
Billy Ray Mangham, Marcia Selsor, David Sturm,
Ken Turner, and Sumi von Dassow


Ken Turner will present a hands on workshop on the Aluminum Foil Saggar Firing Technique Click Here for more information.

 Terra Sigillata preparation and application click here.

 Aluminum Foil Saggar Firing Prep & app click here.

Read this wonderful article written by one of my students in 200?.  Updated and published in the Chinese ceramic publication "Art Design" in 2010.

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