Saturday October 30th 2004



                                With Ken Turner at his studio

This fun and productive workshop has evolved over the years into a raku party / potluck, leaving many satisfied

  participants eager to return.

All levels of experience are welcome, from beginner to expert.  Special attention is given new to participants to

 familiarize them with the studio and the raku process.  Technical information will be presented in a relaxed

 environment with safety emphasized.  This is a potluck event so please bring a favorite dish to share.

You are invited to share this day of excitement and joy with us.  Please send your check and completed application

  form to reserve your place in the workshop.

WHERE:  Ken Turner’s studio at 12643 12th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98168.  Phone:  206-241-7058,

                       Email address: ken@turnerpottery Web site address:

WHEN:  One-day workshops are being offered from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

                     *Saturday, Oct. 30th 2004

COST:     $ 60.00 for one-day workshop.

WHAT’S PROVIDED:  Complete raku setup, including Clam Shell kiln, tongs, gloves, wax, a wide

 verity of raku glazes, and the complete use of Ken’s studio.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING:  Several pieces of bisque fired stoneware or a clay body adequate

 for raku firing, a small sponge and, any of your own special tools or glazing utensils, along with a dish for the potluck!

WARDROBE:  Close-toed shoes are a must!  Leave your jewelry at home.  We also recommend long pants and a

 long sleeve shirt (preferably 100% cotton or wool).   No straw hats and light on the hairspray!  Think non-combustible


While not encouraged, it is possible to fire work up to 20”x20”x20”.  Be aware, smaller work stands a much better chance

 getting into the kiln, completing your day with a greater variety of finished works.

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          Fill out and return with check to Ken Turner / Turner Pottery 12643 12th Avenue South, Seattle WA 98168



 *  Workshop Date: Saturday, Oct. 30th

   Check Enclosed in the Amount of $__________________

Notice of cancellation due to weather or other factors, made by phone and email.