I was contacted by Alexander Kostrikov, Laboratory for Comparative Planetology, Vernadsky Institute, Moscow, Russia, Via the Internet and asked to perform some small test for him in the interest of science.  Alexander requested I throw a plate, promote "S" cracks, document with photos and share the results with him.  We had limited correspondence but were successful with the experiments and the details.  My tests helped Mr. Kostrkov to prove his theory that spirals in the North polar cap of Mars are evidence of an ancient Ice sheet collapse.

Alexander presented his findings to planetological conferences and sent me his abstract.  If you would like to read it click the link below.  

May Be You Can Help!

"I did not publish my paper in a scientific journal yet, but put its abstract (the text I sent you) in Internet. The problem is to provide a professional mathematical (computer) modelling of cracking in rotating body. (It seems this is a 'terra incognita'!) I am looking for a specialist now. So, you struck home. Maybe a ceramic scientist will be interested in this problem."

Link to A. A. Kostrikov's Abstract