Cups to China!


Often in life the unexpected occurs.  Opportunities present themselves and we grab them, or worse, we let them slip through our fingers, only to later regret not having taken that wonderful risk!


I have been offered an opportunity to return to China and be one of only a very few artists who will ever be able to hold, in my own hands, the ancient ceramic cups of China.  And, I couldn’t be more excited!


I am one of only four ceramic artists invited by the prestigious Archie Bray Foundation to join a professional exchange to China in May.  They have also generously awarded me an honorarium of $1000.


Many of you know that I was in China two years ago, leading an exchange for the CWCIE.  That experience changed me, and my art, in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined. I have been dreaming of China ever since.  That journey opened my eyes, gave me new perspectives on art and culture that today influence the shapes, textures and glazes I use in my art.  This trip will allow me to reconnect with the Chinese artists I met on that trip and see more of the exquisite ceramics, old and new, of this ancient culture. 


So, I’ve been throwing cups like crazy… really good cups! I figure even in these bad economic times most people can afford a cup.  I’m offering them for $30 a piece plus shipping.  Some very generous folks have already supported my China fund by buying a cup or two, and a few have even added a generous donation on top.


If you want to own an original Ken Turner cup and help me get to China with the Bray, please consider purchasing a cup or two, or three…and pass on this message to your friends.  You know I don’t make cups often, so this could be an opportunity you didn’t even know you were waiting for!


The cups should be out of the kiln and ready to ship by the end of April, but get your order in now so you won’t have any regrets later…I will be eternally grateful.


Thank you for your support!                                                  

                     Ken Turner / Turner Pottery

                    12643 12th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98168