Luster Workshop Information and Materials

Participants must bring their own glaze-fired work; it may be highfired or lowfired.  Commercially produced ceramic glaze ware such as tiles, dinnerware, and figurines are fine.  In fact glazed tiles (dark & light) are inexpensive and great for testing effects.

It is recommended that you bring a respirator (protective mask) with filter cartridges suitable for filtering solvents and fumes.  These can be purchased from Safety and Supply Co. (1-800-5357233, 5510 E. Marginal Way S. Seattle) where you’ll get knowledgeable help in selecting the correct mask, cartridges, and fit.  Masks are also available at Clay Art Center and Seattle Pottery Supply .       This is a must for anyone with respiratory, kidney, liver, or blood problems.

Limited materials will be supplied for participants to experiment with the various techniques demonstrated during the workshop.  Your $30.00 materials fee covers these costs. 

There will be products available for purchase at the workshop for those who whish to use materials beyond the limited quantities.  Participants may choose to bring their own supplies; products are available at Clay Art Center and Seattle Pottery Supply.

The following is a list of products and prices available from me at the workshop.  This list may be incomplete and is subject to change based on availability.


Turner Pottery  Feb. 2003

Hanovia “N” Gold 11% gold content by weight.2 gram size  ---------------$15.00ea.

Liquid bright platinum 2gram size   -----------------------------------------$15.00ea.

Liquid bright copper 2gram size  -------------------------------------------$12.00ea.

Gold & Platinum pens-------------------------------------------------------$ 9.00ea.

Dispersing Agent  -----------------------------------------------------------$ 9.00ea.

Halo Gold 1/2 oz. size  -----------------------------------------------------$ 8.00ea.

Halo Platinum 1/2 oz. size  --------------------------------------------------$ 8.00ea.

Halo Copper 1/2oz. size  ---------------------------------------------------$ 8.00ea.

Black Luster 1/4 oz. size  --------------------------------------------------$15.00ea.

Bright Palladium 2 gram size  -----------------------------------------------$12.00ea.

Mother of Pearl 1/2 oz. size  ------------------------------------------------$ 5.00ea.

Gold Essence 1/2 oz. size  --------------------------------------------------$ 4.00ea.

Marbleizing Liquid 4 oz. size  -----------------------------------------------$ 9.59ea.

Gold Eraser  (one inch segment)------------------------------------------$2.45ea.

Golden Nylon Mock Sable Brushes

Angle Shader size 1/4”  -----------------------------------------------------$ 8.00ea.

Angle Shader size 3/8” -----------------------------------------------------$10.00ea.

Angle Shader size 1/2”  ----------------------------------------------------$12.00ea.

1/2” Camel hair luster brush  ------------------------------------------------$ 4.00ea.

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