Repair a Chinese Vase


A dear friend of mine asked me to repair her large broken antique Chinese vase. This was a beautiful but not uncommon 19th century folk pottery vase with two Naga Dragons circulating the body and  8 horizontal loops attached to the shoulder just below the neck.

Height: 28"

Diameter: 14.2"

Mouth: 8.3"

I've repaired many pots but I am not a restoration expert by any means!  My friend has sentimental attachment much stronger than the monetary value attached to this piece. She was comfortable with my experience level and agreed to my best attempt to do a glue up and not a perfect restoration.  The damage to the lip is obvious but their is also a hairline fracture that extends several inches from the lip through the neck and shoulder and into the body through the dragon design.



No identifiable chops, signatures or marks on or near the bottom.


Naga dragon detail

Damaged lip, fracture on the left side of center loop

Salvaged pieces to be reconstructed.  This ceramic is very week in structure, very crumbly as though it is severally under fired.


Detail fracture through dragon

Vase Repaired.  You can see the fracture under the horizontal loop to the left.  It is reinforced from the interior but I would have had to further break the vase to in order to try to hide this fracture and just didn't want to take the chance that I would make things worse. 

Close up view of exterior lip repair

View looking at the interior repair of the lip